13th God

How would you turn a basic supermarket staple into a covetable consumer good? 13th God, a new salt brand offering pink, black and sea salt achieves this throughout its appealing design, created to not be hidden away in a cupboard ever again, but proudly left out in the dining table or kitchen counter. 

13th God is a new salt brand based round Greek and Roman mythology, specially their 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses. By comparing salt to the Olympian gods, making it the 13th God, the brand communicates its importance throughout history, how it was worshipped and even used as currency. The brand’s purpose is to approach the problem of hiding salt in a cupboard due to it’s unappealing packaging, whilst it should be left out for convenience.

13th God offers a range of two wooden salt grinders, with different illustrative designs burnt and carved into the wood, reflecting the more traditional method of creating patterns in ancient times. The grinder contains Sicilian sea salt but can be refilled with any of the other types of salts sold, making it a sustainable alternative. The shape, specially the base of the grinder is inspired by ancient Greek architecture, more specifically by the Tuscan order columns, therefore reflecting the brands values and ethos. It also offers pinl, black and sea salt packaged in glass jars, reusable and recyclable. 

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