It’s 2040 and the city is a ghost town. For this brief we had to create a brand and experience that will utilise an abandoned city space(s) to bring people out of their homes and bring life back to the city, to help make the world a better place.

In the year 2040 people will miss the normalcy we had back befofe Covid struck. Small things such as being in the presence of others and the feeling of community would be long gone. Nostos-19 Festival aims to bring all that back, it aims at bringing people together by creating a community, celebrating what we during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nostos is a celebration of what we missed and took for granted before the pandemic started. It revolves around the idea that we were happy but we didn’t realise we were. Different domes, placed round the city provide a range of experiences the public can engage with, bringing normalcy back.Profits from the festival would go towards development and investigation of vaccines worldwide, which along with the community created would allow people to get involved in something bigger than just an experience.

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