ISTD 2020. Dante’s Paradiso.
For this project we had to interpret, understand and design Canto XXXIII of Paradiso, the third book of The Divine Comedy, by Date Alighieri, which tells the story of Dante’s journey through hell, purgatory and paradise. In the last canto of Paradiso, the one redesigned below, Dante finally gets to become one with God, finding the desired purity he’d been longing.

Aimed at a younger audience who can’t quite understand such complex poetry pieces, as Dante wrote Paradiso to weed out weaker readers hoping only the best would get to stick around enough to see God. With this book, the sight of God will be accessible to everyone. Aided by footnotes and articles on the more difficult matters, it will make the readers experience easier and more enjoyable, as they explore a more hands on approach of understanding poetry in a more modern way.

The design of the book also aids to visually evoke Dante’s journey, transmitting what he felt and saw when searching for God’s purity and guidance.

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