Sonic Soundspaces

Graphic Mapping.
For this brief we had to create a graphic map in response to a soundwork based on a painting. “Composition” by Willem de Kooning was chosen and after being analyzed the group created a soundwork that had to be performed live with hand made instruments. This was recorded and then turned into data. Finally, each one individually created a graphic map using the data collected.

My graphic map was inspired by Willem de Kooning’s life journey; moving to New York in 1946 from Rotterdam and the impact this had on him as a painter. This graphic map aims to visually portray the volume and time of each instrument played in the sound piece which we created by analysing “Composition”. Below you can see the various instruments we created to interpret the painting, these instruments aimed to evoke the era in which de Kooning painted “Composition” (1955).

The instruments created looked like machines due to the industrialisation that was taking place at the time, with the rhythm of the soundwork evoking the daily chaotic New York life which de Kooning immersed himself into.

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