Dragon Rouge Firestarters.
For this project I was asked to create a product range of eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products or items. Non-wasteful, non-excessive, but still delivering the benefits consumers expect. We also had to brand this across a variety of touchpoints to engage with the chosen target audience.

UNICS was created, a monthly subscription service aimed at students. The purpose is to avoid the constant hassle and problems with having to buy the basics such as toilet roll and soap when living in a shared house. Students always find it is the same person (if not themsleves) that buys the basic things for the house every month, including toilet roll, bamboo toothbrushes and razors with detachable heads, soap bars etc.

The house would subscribe as a group, each one having their own customisable profile. Each month, the previous packaging would be collected and recycled, discounting money from the next month’s delivery (motivating students to recycle).

This whole idea is build upon the fact that 30% of the profits will go towards helping those kids in less developed countries become students and access education. Reinforcing the idea of students helping students and being there for one another because of a cause everyone should have acces to; education.

In order to interact and approach my target audience, NFC stickers and tags will be randomly placed round university campuses allowing the first x persons to get discounts or special offers when they find the sticker around campus and scan it with their phone. These offers would be announced via instagram/social media.

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