Collection of various typographic experimentations, including the design of new display typefaces.

Experimental mono-spaced typefaces in progress. Futur is a typeface inspired by round corners and futuristic architecture, with predominant contrast of thin and thick details. It works as a display typeface with a more organic variable as seen above. Looong (seen above, last two images) is a monospaced condensed typeface inspired by clean and minimalistic architecture. With variable weight it allows it to be fully functional as a display typeface.

Glue is a typeface created following the exquisite corpse technique, which consists in two collaborators drawing half of a letter without seeing the previosu half, therefore achieving new combinations. Following the design of the typeface, several posters and cards were created to promote it, using vivid colours that reflect the bubbly nature of the typeface. Motion posters can also be seen on my website, along with all the outcomes.

Experimental flexible typeface inspired by architecture in Barcelona. A grid was created from the below photograph allowing the design of a flexible and variable typeface. Due to the versatily of the grid system the outcomes are fully variable allowing the creation of different compositions.

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