Unknown Creatives

SHORTLISTED - Creative Conscience Awards.
With the end goal being creating a campaign to address a social problem I addressed and tackled the lack of knowledge about the creative sector which has resulted in the creation of stigmas surrounding it.

With the problem being a lack of acknowledgement and appreciation for the creative sector, people don’t value it and there are still a lot of stigmas surrounding it. There are ignorant of its importance.

Unknown Creatives is a campaign that eliminates stigmas within the creative sector, raising awareness of its importance. Targeting those who have always thought pursuing a more science or business based career is the way to go. They only believe facts and stats from newspapers and official sources, and they are the first ones to create new stigmas around the creative sector. 

The core of the campaign consists on a website to allow the audience to have a more in depth interaction with the campaign and the cause. It aims to encourage the younger audience to be creative and be part of the unknown creatives community. The website acts as a ‘learn more’ platform for the campaign. The posters, tackle and deny the stigmas created round the creative sector. Finally, a mail-out brochure would be delivered to the target audience door fronts every week, showcasing an example of a poor done job that could have been done better if a creative would’ve been involved. These vary weekly. 

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